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FIFA World Cup 2014 Trivia, Facts and Figures

The beautiful game – soccer (or football for you non- North Americans, you guys are cool too) is fast approaching its once-every-four-years Battle… more »

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Our latest project is now live. OneCity Mortgage are a mortgage company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have been working with… more »

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3 more things to keep in mind when building a website

Just like the previous post this has been done many times before. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good process to repeat. Always… more »

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With art as bold and beautiful as Diana Thorneycroft’s, Grow Media’s challenge was to create a website that enhanced her artwork without getting… more »

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Stylish photo gallery using jQuery, jCarousel and Galleria

The technique we are going to discuss isn’t groundbreaking and it certainly isn’t new. What we hope to achieve with this post is… more »

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Adobe Photoshop VS Illustrator // when designing for the web

Disclaimer: I have a feeling this is a bit of a touchy subject, so let me start by saying they’re both Adobe programs,… more »

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4 tips for unclogging your creative block

The ironic part of today’s blog post is, currently, I am creatively blocked. So much so I wish there were mental laxatives I… more »

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6 ways to webify your designs

The transition from print design to web design can be a frustrating one, but as we make the shift from paper to web,… more »

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Welcome to the Grow Media Blog

We want this website to not only sell our services but also be a place to come and learn about web design and… more »