4 tips for unclogging your creative block

The ironic part of today’s blog post is, currently, I am creatively blocked. So much so I wish there were mental laxatives I could take! Right now I can’t find any of these on the open market so instead of continuing a fruitless search I decided to do a bit of research on the problem. I found suggestions ranging from go for a run to take a vacation so I put together a little summary of my findings. Hopefully as I write my list my block will clear.

1. Distract yourself

Focusing on the problem at hand will just frustrate you. Unfortunately, you can’t force ideas.

2. Find ways to pass the time

This goes hand-in-hand with number one. Keep frustration away by doing something completely non-related. Exercise is apparently very good because you release endorphins which reduce stress and improve any bad moods.

3. Keep your ears and eyes open

Always be on the lookout for inspiration, it is out there, you just have to look a little harder when you are blocked up. Even if the inspiration you find doesn’t help with the specific problem at hand it might move things in a direction you weren’t expecting.

4. Try not to panic

As frustrating as they can be, especially when your livelihood depends on it, creative blocks do pass. If the deadline is tight and you still can’t break that block then breathe deeply and go back to item no.1

There are times when I wish my profession wasn’t dependent on such an intangible, unpredictable and sometimes downright supernatural ‘force’. Sometimes, I think “I wish I’d been a nurse” which is followed in quick succession by the unclogging of my creative block! After all is said and done I remember that I could never be a nurse… bedpans and bodily fluids are ten times worse than any creative block that comes my way.

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